Administrative Staff
Robert Bertisch, Esq., Executive Director
Michael Spillane, Director of Finance & Administration
Noelle Smith, Administrative and Grants Coordinator
Michelle Gale, Development Associate
Harry Wolin, Chief Financial Officer
Shane Ramsaroop, Senior Accountant
Waleed Micheal, Staff Accountant
Narendra Patel, Fiscal Assistant
Pat James, Senior Legal Secretary
Giordalies Rivera, Receptionist/Intake Specialist


 Education Advocacy Project
Melissa Duncan, Supervising Attorney
Riona Maharaj, Staff Attorney
Destiny Rawls, Staff Attorney
Erica Sonn, Staff Attorney
Andrew Wellisch, Staff Attorney
Deborah Berger, Education Advocate
Lisa Santos, Paralegal

 Foster Children’s Project
James Walsh, Supervising Attorney
John Walsh, Supervising Attorney
Jorge Anton, Staff Attorney
Kristen Flynn, Staff Attorney
Jennifer Gardner, Staff Attorney
Kirsten Herndon, Staff Attorney
Elaine Martens, Staff Attorney
Kelly Moore-Bertisch, Staff Attorney
Tim Stevens, Staff Attorney
Cassandra Ward, Staff Attorney
Lindsay Watkins, Staff Attorney
Maisa Wells, Staff Attorney
Jodi Greenblatt, Social Work Clinical Supervisor
Kelly Easton, Social Worker
Nicole Schoepf, Social Worker
Jessica Singer, Social Worker
Keisha Carter, Paralegal
Jennifer Miller, Paralegal
Ebonie Taylor, Paralegal
Anna Veguez, Paralegal
Brianna Veguez, Paralegal
Rachel Ware, Paralegal
Scott Easton, Admin/Facilities

 Juvenile Advocacy Project
James Walsh, Supervising Attorney
John Walsh, Supervising Attorney
Andrew Batog, Staff Attorney
William Bolinger, Staff Attorney
Lauren Clifton, Staff Attorney
Nazli Matt, Staff Attorney
Amber McMichael, Staff Attorney
Laurel Petrulionis, Staff Attorney
Samantha Bowman, Paralegal/Database Assistant
Angie Brafford, Paralegal
Tara Riddell, Paralegal
Shalonda Herndon, Trauma Specialist
Juliana Knaup, Trauma Specialist
Natalie Rivera, Case Worker
Nicole Sagman, Trauma Specialist
Mireya Silvagnoli, Trauma Specialist

 Project DULCE
Sandra Powery Moses, Staff Attorney
Jodi Greenblatt, Social Work Clinical Supervisor
Krystine Fuster, Family Specialist
Deneisha Watson, Family Specialist

 Relative Caregivers Project
Judith Migdal-Mack, Supervising Attorney
Lanice Peterson, Paralegal
Jana Jordan, Case Manager


 Domestic Violence Project
Kathryn Oleksy, Supervising Attorney
Bianca Gentile, Staff Attorney
Blake Hanley, Staff Attorney
Jane Morin, Staff Attorney
Ileana Russo, Staff Attorney
Andrea Palacio, Paralegal
Albany Rojas Carrero, Paralegal
Alison St. John, Paralegal
Michele Torres, Paralegal

 Family Law Project
Ross Baer, Supervising Attorney
Jennifer Rothman, Paralegal
Amy Sills, Paralegal
Janie Chavez, Intake Specialist


 Elder Law Project
Tequisha Myles, Supervising Attorney
Iris Collins-Cruz, Staff Attorney
Monique L’Italien, Staff Attorney
Melva Rozier, Staff Attorney
Denise August, Paralegal
Yolanda Castro, Paralegal
Narmin Hasanova, Paralegal
Miriam Perez, Paralegal
Amber Sanders, Paralegal
Kerene Spencer, Paralegal
Carol Walsh, Paralegal
Elaine Pechwasser, Outreach Assistant
Shia Rozier, Outreach Assistant

 Public Guardianship Project
Rena Taylor, Supervising Attorney
Deborah Rhodes-Gobin, Paralegal
Libby Spillane, Paralegal
Rabin Armogan, Social Worker
Gilma Dorvil, Case Manager
Blanca Llorens, Social Worker
Penny Maitner, Case Manager
Kathy Morakis, Social Worker
Melissa Mulcahy, Case Manager
Tamra Keels, Financial Manager
Ron Gemmer, Financial Manager
Poonam Pachigar, Bookkeeper


Medical Legal Partnership Project
Sandra Powery Moses, Supervising Attorney
Laura Rivera, Paralegal
Jessica Pierre, Legal Assistant

 Ryan White Legal Project
Sandra Powery Moses, Supervising Attorney
Kristina Rowe, Staff Attorney
Marcy Classe, Paralegal
Daijah Harvin, Data Specialist
Kathy Morakis, Non-Medical Case Manager
Penelope Rodriguez, Paralegal


 Consumer Advocacy Unit
Tequisha Myles, Supervising Attorney
Susan Walsh, Paralegal

 Fair Housing Project
Tequisha Myles, Supervising Attorney
Jacob Beychok, Staff Attorney
Joe Grant, Staff Attorney
Brittney Horton, Staff Attorney
Georgina Jimenez-Orosa, Staff Attorney
Denita Jones, Staff Attorney
Brian Joslyn, Staff Attorney
Charles Pigott, Staff Attorney
Ann Marie Puente, Staff Attorney
Mario Aguilar, Testing Coordinator/Investigator
Carmen Draper, Paralegal
Ben Evans, Case Manager
Mariné Figueroa, Paralegal
Adena Hatcher, Housing Advocate
Brad Koszalinski, Paralegal
Shawntavia Nelson, Housing Advocate
Lindjee Noziere, Housing Advocate
Ana Perez Prince, Paralegal
Carlton Smith, Fair Housing Advocate
Susan Walsh, Paralegal

 Guardian Advocacy Project
Rena Taylor, Supervising Attorney
Jessica Kelson, Case Worker
Tamra Keels, Financial Manager
Libby Spillane, Paralegal

 Immigrant Advocacy Project
Shane O’Meara, Supervising Attorney
Paula Carvajal, Staff Attorney
Susana Gutierrez Ballester, Staff Attorney
Soris Espinal, Paralegal
Amarilys Ramos, Paralegal
Jessica Pierre, Legal Assistant

 Wage Dispute Project/Community ID Program
Vanessa Coe, Supervising Attorney
Natalie Staroschak, Staff Attorney
Miriam Jarrett, Paralegal
Sol Couto, Community ID Coordinator


 Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
Michael Bacigalupi, Staff Attorney

 Non-Profit Legal Assistance Project
Vanessa Coe, In-House Counsel
Ana Casey, Human Resources Generalist

 Pro Bono Project
Kimberly Rommel-Enright, Supervising Attorney
Jerry Leakey, Staff Attorney
Steven Spaulding, Pro Bono Coordinator
Victoria Farrell, Legal Assistant

Our Funders and Partners