We provide legal advice and representation to Palm Beach County residents who are 60 years of age or older and have been the victims of abuse and exploitation by relatives, merchants or others.

Our staff handles Social Security, Medicare and housing matters and offers special assistance to grandparents raising grandchildren.

Public Guardianship is another vital service. We offer a full range of guardianship and legal services to indigent, adjudicated incapacitated elders who are without family or friends care for or assist them.

More specifically, Legal Aid Society aims through the following services to enhance the quality of life for the elderly with economic and social needs while respecting their personal dignity and right to self-determination:

Abuse and Exploitation:

• Representation of victims of domestic violence to obtain protective orders against abusers
• Exploitation by family member

Housing Issues:

• Landlord Tenant
• Public/subsidized housing
• Eviction Defense

Health and Public Benefits:

• Food Stamps
• SSI and Social Security
• Medicaid
• Medicare
• Managed Care and Long-Term Care

Consumer Issues:

• Foreclosure Defense
• Bankruptcy (to save home)
• Debt Collection Defense
• Defending Garnishment of Social Security and Wages

Naturalization Project:

• Assistance to individuals seeking citizenship to qualify for public benefits
• Assistance with medical and fee waivers

Public Guardianship Project:

This project provides a full range of guardianship and legal services to indigent, adjudicated incapacitated individuals who are without family or friends to care for or assist them.  The project’s goal is to enhance the quality of life for these persons while respecting their personal dignity and right to self-determination.

Veterans Advocacy Project:

Thru funding by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, United Way- Mission United and the Standdown House, the Legal Aid Society’s enhanced Veterans Advocacy Project concentrates in removing barriers to wellbeing and overall health for eligible Palm Beach County veterans, their family and caregivers and service members through the provision of free legal civil advice, consultation, representation and education related to housing, child support modifications, increasing V.A. disability ratings, requested upgrades to the character of discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces and access to healthcare.

Legal services include but not be limited to:

Housing Advocacy: The Veterans Advocacy Project will offer legal representation in housing court or mediation and negotiation to prevent unlawful evictions, resolve landlord-tenant disputes, defend against housing discrimination and fight mortgage foreclosures in order to prevent homelessness. The Project will also help eligible veterans and service members with disabilities who may need assistance with reasonable accommodations and modifications covered by the Fair Housing Act in order to remain in their homes.

Family Advocacy: The VAP will offer assistance in court proceedings related to child support modifications; injunctions for protection for victims of domestic or intimate partner violence; estate planning assistance with the preparation of documents such as wills, advance directives and guardianships;

Consumer Advocacy: The VAP will assist with an array of legal issues that may impact a veteran’s ability to obtain and maintain housing, employment and self-sufficiency. These can include: restoring revoked or suspended driver’s licenses; replacing identification documents; correcting errors in criminal records and obtaining expungements, seals or pardons; credit card collection, garnishments, usury, resolving errors and removing inaccurate items in credit reports; and converting outstanding court costs to community service hours in order to have records cleared.

Veterans Advocacy: The Veterans Advocacy Project will work to assist veterans gain access to the care, benefits and support earned by their military service and will challenge wrongful denials of veterans benefits by adjusting military discharge status or receiving a character of service determination.

In addition to providing one-on-one assistance at the monthly VA Medical Center legal clinics, VAP staff will conduct educational seminars for veterans and service members to increase their knowledge of their legal rights and how to assert them. VAP staff will also provide ongoing training to VA Medical Center staff, equipping them with the ability to recognize and identify legal issues that may impact a veteran or service member’s overall health and wellbeing and how to refer patients to Veterans Advocacy Project staff for services.

LASPBC VAP has also established a Legal Partnership with the West Palm Beach VA in Palm Beach County.  There is a clinic held at the VAMC WPB the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The LASPBC VAP Helpline provides qualifying Veterans a way to reach the Veterans Advocacy Project for assistance in Veterans issues or brief legal advice in other issues.  The Staff can be reached at (561) 655-8944 x 366 or via email VAP@legalaidpbc.org or you can apply for service online at www.legalaidpbc.org.


For more information and resources for seniors, please visit the Area Agency on Aging Palm Beach/Treasure Coast website at www.youragingresourcecenter.org.


If you are in need of any of these services, please call 561-655-8944 or toll free at 1-800-403-9353. Also, call us if you want us to do a presentationon legal issues affecting the elderly.

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