Legal Aid Society offers free legal help to those with problems gaining health coverage or health services.

Our staff will also get involved if there are changes in your health services, or when there is a termination or change in health coverage.

In addition, we assist individuals with the following issues:

Coverage to Care Legal Initiative

Assist residents of St. Lucie and Martin counties, especially disadvantaged and vulnerable resident populations, access health care coverage and utilize this coverage once they have it through legal representation and systemic advocacy.

Project DULCE (Developmental Understanding and Legal Collaboration for Everyone)

DULCE provides support to newborns and their families during the precious and critical first 6 months of life. DULCE consists of an Interdisciplinary Team -a Family Specialist trained in child development, a pediatrician, a legal partner, a mental health representative, and an early childhood systems representative. The Family Specialist attends well-child visits with the families. They get to know the families, provide support, and connect families to resources. In so doing, the families’ stress is reduced, the family is healthier, and they have more time and energy to bond and care for their new child. The Family Specialist works closely with each family to make sure the child’s growth is on track, and connects families to support and resources as needed. Families have free access to an attorney who can help with the family’s legal needs. DULCE also assists with concrete needs like baby supplies and transportation to medical appointments.

DULCE is an initiative of CSSP (Center for the Study of Social Policy) and is made possible with funding from CSC (Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County).

We invite you to view a brief 1-minute video about DULCE:

Medical Legal Partnership

Help address the unmet needs of low-income and/or uninsured patients of Federally Qualified Health and Free Health Clinics in Palm Beach County that contribute to their health and well-being.

Ryan White (HIV)

Provide comprehensive range of legal services to individuals infected with the HIV virus in regard to employment, disability, health care, insurance and family law. A diagnosis of HIV and referral from an HIV Case Management Agency is required for eligibility.


If you are in need of any of these services, please call 561-655-8944 or toll free at 1-800-403-9353. Also, call us if you want us to do a presentationon legal issues affecting health-related matters.

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