Community ID of the Palm Beaches

WHY WAS THE ID PROGRAM CREATED:  Some residents of Palm Beach County do not have the ability to receive a state or federally issued ID card. Residents are often required to prove their identify for numerous reasons each day, and without a reliable ID may not be able to identify themselves with law enforcement, receive urgent services with schools, health centers, city departments or agencies.

WHO ADMINISTERS THE PROGRAM:  Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

WHO CAN RECEIVE A COMMUNITY ID? The Community ID card is available to all residents of Palm Beach County.


  • proof of identity (passport, consular ID card, state of federal government issued ID)
  • proof of residency (bill, lease)

HOW ARE IDs DISTRIBUTED?   The Legal Aid Society will be holding monthly ID drives throughout Palm Beach County. At the ID drives, interested participants will take part in an orientation about what the card is and isn’t.

Other community partners will be invited to the drives – like the police or local nonprofits – to present about the services they offer.

If the provided documents are sufficient, the participant will pay $20.00 and move to the next station where they will have their picture taken. ID cards are not printed immediately but instead are printed when our staff return to the office. The cards will be mailed 2-3 weeks after an ID drive.

WHAT THIS ID IS: The cards provide cardholders with a reliable form of identification that can be used as a tool by law enforcement, city departments, health centers, schools, businesses, and cultural art organizations to better identify, serve, and protect us.

WHAT THIS ID IS NOT:  The card is not a state issued form of identification or a driver’s license. It cannot be used to vote and does not entitled cardholders to any social welfare benefits nor will it prevent an individual from being arrested. It does not have any impact on an individual’s immigration status.

ID EXPIRATION: The cards will expire in one year and are renewable at that time.

FOR QUESTIONS, CONTACT:  Sol Couto, Coordinator. Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc. 561-655-8944 ext. 146,