"It’s All Relative" is a one-hour summary jam-packed with information to assist relatives who are the caregivers of children who have been removed from their parents due to allegations of abuse, abandonment, or neglect. The video details the financial benefits available to children, including relative caregiver funds, WIC, and how to obtain these funds. Also included is how to enroll the children in Family Central day care facilities. It contains an outline of the dependency system so the relative has an idea of how the case will pass through the judicial system. Education, developmental and medical resources are also provided. This video contains so much information that a caretaker will want to return to it from time to time to refresh her or his memory on a particular subject.

The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County's hope is that this video will aid the caretaker in the care of the stateís most vulnerable children.

"Itís All Relative" is a DVD providing an overview of the dependency system for relatives caring for dependent children.

Spanish: Una copia del DVD "Itís All Relative" esta disponible en EspaŮol cuando usted llame a la AsociaciÚn Legal De la Regiůn de Palm Beach County.

Creole: Yon kopi disk ki rele "Itís All Relative", nan lang angle, disponib nan lang Kreyol si ou rele Sosyete »d Legal nan Rejyon Palm Beach.