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Legal GraphicWorks Partners with Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County to Offer the Latest in Trial Presentations and Litigation Support

Legal GraphicWorks, a full service litigation support company specializing in trial presentations and graphic arts, announced today its partnership with the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County. Founded by a group of professionals skilled in the design and presentation of graphics, Legal GraphicWorks provides comprehensive trial and graphics support to lawyers, in-house legal departments and law firms.

The agreement calls for Legal GraphicWorks to provide their full array of legal support products and services, pro bono, to the in-house legal staff at the Palm Beach County Legal Aid Society. The services offered will include state-of-the-art technology and support enabling them to present and manage their case load in a more powerful and comprehensive manner. In addition, lawyers affiliated with the Legal Aid Society that wish to utilize the services of Legal GraphicWorks will be offered a substantial rate reduction.

"Legal GraphicWorks has delivered us into the 22nd century," said Bob Bertisch, Palm Beach County Legal Aid Society's Executive Director. "We are grateful to them for offering their services and excited to be incorporating these new technologies into our cases and trials."

Legal GraphicWorks' presentations are designed to educate and engage the attention of jurors during a trial by incorporating the latest in videography, computer animation, graphic art and presentation technology. Members of the firm represent two of approximately twelve technicians in South Florida that are certified as trainers in TrialDirector presentation software. The implementation of sophisticated software and creative presentation techniques allows the client to simplify the complicated task of collecting, organizing, retrieving and displaying documents for trial and mediation.

"I am acutely aware of the limitations of the traditional federally funded legal service program and the overwhelming and growing need for better and more efficient service to the underserved in Palm Beach County. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County in their efforts to assure justice to the disadvantaged," said Jim Lucas, Legal GraphicWorks President and CEO.

Legal GraphicWorks is located at 205 Worth Avenue, Suite 301, Palm Beach, Florida. For additional information, call 561.655.0678 or visit