Press Releases

Legal Aid Society Receives Grant from Town of Palm Beach United Way

The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County is pleased to be the recent recipient of a $55,000 grant from the Town of Palm Beach United Way. These funds will be used to support Legal Aid's Relative Caregivers, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense and Domestic Violence Projects.

The Legal Aid Society's Relative Caregivers Project provides legal advice and representation to adult caregivers who are caretakers for relative minor children (i.e. grandchildren, nephews and nieces). The Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Unit provides representation of individuals and families facing foreclosure who have been victims of predatory lending schemes, truth-in-lending violations, foreclosure rescue scams, illegitimate service charges, illegal consumer collection practices, and unfair and deceptive trade practices. Legal Aid's Domestic Violence Project provides legal representation to victims of abuse and their families at domestic violence hearings to ensure protection from further violence and access to custody and/or financial support for the victim.

"The Town of Palm Beach United Way has been a committed and steadfast partner of the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County for nearly 20 years," said Bob Bertisch, Legal Aid Society's Executive Director. "Since 1992, Legal Aid has received grants totaling $513,454 for its various projects, and we are grateful to the board of directors and staff at the Town of Palm Beach United Way for their continued support in helping to ensure Legal Aid's ability to provide equal access to justice for the disadvantaged children, families, elders and individuals residing in Palm Beach County."