Client Spotlight
Finding Solutions to Improve a Child’s Life

October 20, 2016 - Sixteen year old Sean became a client of the Juvenile Advocacy Project after he was arrested for a physical altercation with his mother.  Sean, who is deaf, was acting out of frustration because he could not communicate effectively with his mom, who did not know sign language.  Sean had attended a school away from home for the deaf until he was twelve years old.  Unfortunately, during his time away his mother did not learn sign language and could not effectively communicate with her son, which led to extreme frustration for Sean.  Bill Booth was able to get the charges against Sean dropped and found solutions for Sean and his mother.  His mother was offered services and enrolled in a sign language class so she could begin to learn to communicate with her son.  Sean was attending the correct local high school to meet his needs, but Bill worked with the school to make sure Sean was getting all the classes and services that would help him grow, increase his communication, and lessen his frustration. 

This is just one of the many cases where the Juvenile Advocacy Project has not just identified the problem but worked with the court, the family and the school system to help improve the situation for the child and family involved.