Client Spotlight
Family Law Project Establishes Guardianship for Two Brothers

November 08, 2017 - The Family Law Project assisted Meryl with her dissolution of marriage.  Subsequent to her divorce her ex-husband died.  Upon his death, his retirement benefits and life insurance were left to her two sons.  She contacted Family Law Supervising Attorney Ross Baer to get help establishing a Guardianship so her sons would have access to their father’s life insurance and retirement benefits when they turn 18 years old.  Ross established a Guardianship for each child, who at the time were 14 and 9 years old.  Upon the establishment of the Guardianship the money was released and put in a depository where the money will stay under court supervision until it can be released when the boys reach 18 years old.  The Family Law staff files the necessary yearly reports in order to maintain the Guardianship.  They are pleased to be able to ensure the boys will inherit all the money and benefits left to them and none of it will need to be spent to establish and maintain the Guardianship, which could be a substantial amount through a private attorney.