Client Spotlight
The Fair Housing Project Helps a Widow
and Her Family Keep Their Home

March 28, 2017 - Fair Housing Project Attorney Sandra Powery represented a widow who is unable to work due to her disability. The widow’s family resided in farmworker housing in Belle Glade. She was given a deadline to move out of the rental community because her farmworker husband died and the community claimed to not have provisions for widows.

The Fair Housing Project staff got involved and determined that there actually was a widow’s clause that allowed families, surviving spouses and children, including adult children, to continue to live in the community after the passing of the retired or current farmworker’s family member. As a result of our representation, our client and her three children were allowed to continue to live there and pay the subsidized rent at $293 based on her current disability income instead of $470 which was based on her deceased husband’s income, which the family no longer received.