For 25 Years, We have responded to Domestic Abuse in our Community

Twenty-five years ago, it was recognized that the problem of domestic abuse was dramatically increasing in our community. As a result, we, at the Legal Aid Society developed our Domestic Violence Project with an initial $25,000 grant from the Palm Beach County Commissioners who understood that this problem existed in our county and was on the increase. These funds were quickly followed by grants from both the United Way of Palm Beach County and the Town of Palm Beach United Way to assist Legal Aid in representing survivors of domestic violence at injunction hearings. 

Initially the project was staffed by one attorney and one paralegal that collaborated with the YMCA’s Harmony House and Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence (AVDA) in providing a comprehensive range of legal and support services to survivors. In 1994, the partners received a grant from the Department of Justice to expand their services and Legal Aid was able to hire 2 additional attorneys to serve over 1,000 survivors annually. 

Since that time, we have come a long way in helping survivors. Still there is plenty more that our community can do. 

If you would you like to further support our efforts, please consider a donation so we can continue to provide these vital services to many other survivors in Palm Beach County. Click here to donate.