Client Spotlight
Project DULCE Helps Create Healthy Living Environment for Newborn Baby

December 12, 2016 - Rachel, a first time mother with a newborn baby, was referred to Legal Aid through the DULCE Project when Legal Aid’s Family Specialist, Deneisha Watson, was told that they were concerned about mold in their unit. Rachel and her husband had moved into the unit less than a year earlier. Rachel had informed her landlord’s property management company in January 2016 that there was a presence of mold in the unit. After the management company came out to look at the mold, they confirmed its presence but nothing was done to correct the problem. Over the months, the situation grew worse. After the family’s baby was born, the family signed up to participate in Project DULCE. As a part of the family’s well check visit Deneisha goes through a check list that includes questions regarding the condition of their dwelling. It was through this screening that a legal issue became clear to Deneisha, which required a referral to the DULCE attorney, Juan Medolla, for further evaluation. After discussing the situation with the client and reviewing pictures of the situation, a 7 Day Repair Demand to remedy the mold in accordance to Florida law was sent to the local address as well as to the management’s headquarters. The attorney for the company contacted Juan within 2 days of receiving the letter to confirm that a remediation team was hired to eliminate the mold. The DULCE family confirmed that the mold was gone and the family could live at peace in a healthy environment.