Education Tool Kit

The Educational Advocacy Team developed a Tool Kit to assist parents/guardians in self advocacy for their children in the school system.  The Project team hopes the Tool Kit will not only be used as a reference for parents but help families build better relationships with schools.  The Kit includes a school checklist with information on everything from school uniforms to report cards, teacher conferences, using Edline, aftercare, teacher contact information, school calendars and much more.  The Kit has a Problem section that parents can use if their child does have a problem in school.  This section has information on many issues including discipline, homelessness, bullying, translation issues and gifted education.  The Kit also includes a section on Exceptional Student Education and Section 504 Plan.  It also contains a communication log for parents to use when speaking to teachers or administrators.  It has multiple sections for parents to keep school records, their child’s Individual Education Plan, and school evaluations.  It also includes a resource section with samples of forms that parents may need to use throughout their child’s education.

The team has already begun to roll out the Tool Kit at workshops describing how to use it.  They are also providing one on one meetings with attorneys in the event the families need more intense advocacy.

The Tool Kit was made possible by generous assistance from the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, Lost Tree Village Charitable Foundation, Impact the Palm Beaches, GL Homes, Julie F. and Peter D. Cummings Fund, Palm Beach Flagler Rotary, and Duane Morris LLP.